Making a Commission

The process is simple.  Send me a picture or graphic or just a description of what you'd like made.  Tell me what size you'd like your design to be, and explain any special requirements you may have.  I will send you a quote.  If you find it acceptable, you send half the commissioned price before work begins. When the work is complete I will send you photos of your piece, you send the other half of the commissioned price, and I will mail your item, packaged securely and insured.  Personal checks, cashier's checks, and paypal (and credit cards via paypal) are all acceptable forms of payment.  You are welcome, of course, to check in on the progress of your piece whenever you like.

Your Participation

Because your project will be based on your own design, and because it is custom-made from the ground up, you are invited to have as much or as little input in the project as you wish.  I will be happy to discuss your ideas and wishes and to share my own thoughts and opinions as part of the process of coming to an agreement on a commission.  It is important that we understand each other and are in agreement on all aspects of the design before money changes hands and work is begun.  There's no point rushing this stage:  you should be comfortable that what you will receive is what you have envisioned; I must be sure that I'm making what you truly want.

That said, I will gladly accept a commission on anything you can provide a graphic for or describe in detail, from a cross for a child's room to a giant corporate logo for the boardroom wall.

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